Rock Wall With The Kids

This past week the kids and I hung out at the local gym, look what the boys did:

This was Bobby’s first time climbing the rock wall at this facility.

Travis has climbed here before and just shot right up the wall several times.  Me ???  I have climbed these walls before and it is higher than it looks once you get to the top and then look down!  Have you ever climbed at one of these rock wall facilities?  Was it what you had expected it would be like once you got to the top?

6 thoughts on “Rock Wall With The Kids”

  1. My husband JUST took my daughter Saturday. I wasn’t allowed to go. She wanted alone time with daddy (and all of his jumping friends). My hubby just asked me last night if it would be okay for him to go one night a week. I’m thinking of making it my “do something that challenges my fear of heights” on my 50 before Fifty list! I hope to make it sometime soon. Your sons look like pros!

    1. They haven’t mastered the whole course yet, and they have lots of fun each time we go! I’m glad to hear your daughter and “Dad” are having fun, but your husband’s jumping skills are WAY past our YMCA rock wall:)

  2. I have never climbed a rock wall–and probably will never attempt it! Kudos to those of you who can and do–this is actually great exercise.

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