Blog Improves Son’s Writing Skills

I am so proud of my 12 year old son for working on his writing skills through his blog:  He just did his first product review for an iPod Case from Speck Products.   He is in an advanced language class in his 7th grade class and takes advantage of the early morning tutoring sessions.  When he first started his blog, he would write the post and ask to publish it as soon as he got finished writing it.   Now he understands the importance of proof reading and will ask me to sit and read over his posts with him before he publishes them.

As for his iPod case review, I thought it was great!  From a mom’s standpoint, the KangaSkin cover for iPod touch 5th generation is an excellent case because it holds your mini earphones right inside your iPod case.  How many times have you been in the car and your kids are playing games or listening to music but forgot to grab their headphones before leaving the house?  I know both my boys are trying to drown out each other with their music or games and it is enough to drive you nuts!  Now that my son can store his headphones in the back of his iPod case, at least one of them will have a set of headphones around.

When’s the last time you wished you had a spare pair of earphones around?

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