Teach Kids To Clean Right

Do your children help clean the house?  Make sure you are teaching your kids to clean, the right way.  Every parent knows how children are sometimes unwilling to clean around the house.  While there isn’t a sure-shot formula to get every kid to clean up the mess, here a few helpful tips:

 Teach them to Clean

Cleaning is a job, and every job requires a certain type of training.  Just like the adults need to get trained for a new job, even children have to be trained to take care of chores.  If you want to make it easy for your children to clean, then teach them how to go about it…

1. Allow them to watch you clean and teach by example.

2. Let them join you in the cleaning process and give them feedback.

3. Once you’re sure, let them work on their own but under your directions.

Create a Schedule for them

Families these are busy and so are the kids.  With most days being hectic, it can be difficult to find time to clean.  The best way to go about this is to create a proper schedule because scheduling makes it easier to get things done on time…

1. Have a dedicated time slot morning and evening for completing household chores.

2. Schedule other chores that your kids can take care of during the week.

3. Aim at helping them balance their free time and work time.

 Motivate them to Clean

Sometimes it may seem impossible to motivate children to clean. However, the truth is that things that motivate you also motivate your kids to act. The more you work on motivating your kids to clean, the better it is…

1. Set a deadline to ensure that your children don’t drag along the tasks.

2. Set a reward that they can look forward to upon completing the chores.

3. Clean with them: When you are working on big projects like cleaning the sump pump or cleaning up after a small basement flood, kids will be more easily encouraged to work if you are working too, as opposed to just giving orders.

Get them to Get Rid of Excuses

Kids will always be kids when it comes to coming up with excuses. Your children are no different, and will find excuses as to why they can’t or don’t want to help out the way you expect them to. The solution is to get rid of these excuses before they grow…

1. Understand that an excuse might actually a symptom to an underlying problem.

2. Instead of working superficially, get to the root of the main problem.

3. Clarify your expectations so that you can give more clarity to your children.

Remember, the challenge of teaching your children to clean doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re doing it right.


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