“Toddler Replacement Bed”

When my son was ready to get out of his crib, we decided to buy him a toddler bed.  We found him a great little bed that was shaped like a race car.  It was so cute and held his crib mattress.  It wasn’t until we got it put together and in his room, that we figured out that buying the toddler bed wasn’t the best option for us.  Since the bed was so small, my husband and I couldn’t lay on his bed with him and read books at bedtime.  The race car bed was cute, but no one could sit on the bed except for him.  Not only that, but since the plastic bed was molded around his crib mattress, he would hit the bed when he would roll over while he was sleeping and then would wake up and start walking around his room at night.  We quickly sold his “like new” race car bed once we had bought him a “replacement” bed.

We looked at a wide range of single beds while shopping for my son, but I was sold on the bed with the storage underneath since Travis’ closet space was limited.  The storage underneath the bed did make the bed taller, but we placed one side of the bed against the wall and then had the option of adding a side rail to keep him from falling out of the bed at night.  We didn’t think he would roll out of the bed, so we didn’t add the side rail and then we lined the floor with pillows each night.  Travis is 12 years old now and still loves his bed!  After 10 years, it is still in great shape and he is asking if he will be able to take it with him to college.  Who would have thought that his “toddler replacement bed” would be still with him when he was 12, let alone travel to college with him years down the road!

Did you have a single or twin bed when you were younger?  Do your kids sleep in single beds?  Did your kids use a toddler bed?

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