Birthday Party Games For Boys

If there’s one thing all little boys look forward to with great anticipation, it’s their birthdays.  Whether your little man is turning two or twelve, planning the perfect party is one way to make his year.  Birthday parties are a time to celebrate your child’s life, spend time with his friends, and eat cake and ice cream, but they’re also a time to play some wonderful, fantastic games.

Even if your child is young, consider planning a few party games that your child’s guests can enjoy.  Offer a small prize for the winners of each game or, if you’re concerned about competition, consider giving each child who participates a small prize.  This could be something as small as a lollipop or as extravagant as a small Lego toy set.  For the best deals, pick up some inexpensive prizes at your local dollar store.  Things like action figures, cards, coloring books, or paint sets will be great hits with your party guests.

One exciting game your party guests will be sure to love is a go-fish game.  Hang a small sheet between two chairs and have an adult hide behind it with several prizes.  Fashion a fishing hook out of a broom handle or long stick.  A yardstick will also work in a pinch.  Tie a rope to the end of the sick with a clothespin at the end of the rope.  Help each child toss the clothespin over the sheet and go “fishing.”  The adult will attach a small prize to the clothespin and tug on it gently so the child knows he has “caught” something.

Other fun party games include a pinata, card games for older children, pin-the-tail games, or even a cake walk!  Note that instead of giving an entire cake as a prize for the cake walk, each child could be given a cupcake or small bag of cookies as a prize.

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  1. My little guys were both born in November so we have a combined party. 2 years ago we had a spongebob party I wish I would have thought of that fishing game it would have been perfect!!

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