Cheap Winter Outdoor Activities

We’re halfway through winter but summer feels like a lifetime away!  Is your family bored and tired of being cooped up this winter?  Don’t let fear of the flu, snow, or cold weather keep your family from having fun together outdoors this winter.  With a bit of planning, your family can participate in a variety of outdoor activities that will burn up energy, keep your kids entertained, and help you grow closer together as a family.

Go ice skating!
Many communities have outdoor ice skating rinks.  Check to see if your city offers this fun activity.  Most skating rinks also offer skate rental, so you can enjoy this activity even if your family doesn’t own ice skates.

Take a winter walk.
Go on a winter nature walk with your family.  Even young kids can enjoy seeing how different their favorite places look in the winter.  Don’t forget to point out different winter nature scenes, such as a fox running to its hideaway, a squirrel hunting for its nuts, or a fallen pinecone.  If your kids are older, consider going on a moonlit winter walk so they can see the stars and enjoy the quiet outdoors.

Go on a scavenger hunt.
Do your kids love hidden adventures?  Compile a list together of things to find outdoors in the winter.  To keep things interesting, ask each family member to contribute one or two items.  Give each person a copy of the list and see who can find the items first!

While winter may seem like a boring and uninteresting time of year, the truth is that winter can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding times.  With a bit of planning and effort, your family can be on their way to wonderful winter fun.

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