Distracted Driving Laws In Your State?

I was thinking the other day, which states have enacted laws against distracted driving?  By distracted driving I mean talking on a hand held cell phone or texting while you are driving.  There do seem to be a lot of accidents caused by distracted driving.  So I went on asearch of the internet to find out.  What I found is that not all states have laws in place to prevent this and those that do sometimes only have a law for one or the other and for certain age groups or occupations.

So if you are going to go on a road trip across several states I suggest you view The Governor’s Highway Safety Association website to see just where and when these laws apply and what your fines could be!  It has a wealth of information.  It could stop you from being stopped by a law enforcement person!!  The Governor’s Highway Safety Association also has a page where you can see what records have to be kept for how long according to the federal government!  They suggest keeping DUI records for a 10 year look back period!!

There really is a lot of useful information on this website which should keep you from breaking any laws.  Of course it can get confusing—if you are in the NY, NJ, CT area—no hand held cells or texting allowed while Pennsylvania only prohibits texting while driving.  Texas allows hand held cell phone use but has some laws againt texting depending whether you have passengers in the car or your age.  California bans it all.  And some states such as Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma – prohibit localities from enacting such laws.  Do you know the rules for your state?


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