Life’s Short, Get A Dog


This is Dakota, she is almost 3 and is a very special part of our family.   The kids love her and she makes me feel secure when I am at the house alone.  It’s a known fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Owning a dog can have lots of good, positive impacts in your life and make your family bond stronger. Besides that, we all know and understand how life’s short. By getting a dog that you can love, cherish and enjoy will help you make the most out of this short life. In the following article we discuss about a few simple reasons as to why you should get a dog…

Make sure to get the right size dog for your family, depending on the breed, they don’t stay small for long:(

1. They Make Great Listeners: Do you want someone sympathetic to lend you an ear when nobody’s around? Dogs make great listeners. They love snuggling up to their owners and calmly listen to everything you say. Even though you’re sure that they can’t understand anything you’re saying, it does make you feel better to vent out.

2. They’re Always Happy to See You: The best thing about having a dog at your home is the reaction you get from it when you come back home. Regardless of how long or little you’ve been out, your dog will jump at you and act like they haven’t seen you in a long, long time.

3. They Make You Feel Safe: If you’re a female who lives by herself, then dogs can prove to be great company when it comes to making you feel safe. For example, when a stranger knocks on your door, your dog growls and you automatically start to feel safer – which is a great thing.

4. They Teach You Responsibility: If you own a dog or plan to get one, you can’t be irresponsible. You have to be responsible enough to pay attention to their body language to understand when they need to go out for a walk or want food. In order to take good care of your dog, you have to become more responsible and do things to keep your dog safe/happy. For example, you may want to fit one of those weatherguarded dog doors to ensure that your pet is safe from harsh weather conditions.

5. They Teach Your Children About Loving Pets: If you’ve got little kids at home, then having a dog play around with them and let them do different things will teach your children about loving their pets. And show them how animals have feelings too. They get to learn to be gentle, kind and caring towards other creatures.

6. They Motivate You to Get Exercise: This works as a great motivator because if you live in town, you will have to get your dog walked a couple of times a week. Since you will have to take them out yourself, you will get some extra exercise, thanks to your pet.   The reasons that we discussed above are only the tip of the iceberg. As you move forward, you will realize that having a dog makes your life so much more better in so many different ways.


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  1. Our family was always a dog family when I was growing up. My little dog lived to be more than 17 and when I grew up and left home I missed her more than anything else, lol. Kids and dogs just go together. 🙂

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