Guest Post: Top 3 Criminal Law Series Not Suited for Children

I have to say that I love watching the Criminal shows on television and often watch them when the kids are in the room with me.  I haven’t ever thought anything of that and do always change the channel if something inappropriate starts to develop.  I received this guest post and thought I’d share this info with you concerning the criminal law shows that many of us love to watch.

Guest Post:  Top 3 Criminal Law Series Not Suited for Children

There are a wide range of television shows which are completely inappropriate for children – shows such as South Park.  However, there are a number of television shows which are featuring very realistic crimes, all of which could very well happen in real life or are ripped from the headlines already.  Parents need to know allowing children to watch these shows is inappropriate at best, but there are three criminal law shows in particular which children should steer completely clear from:  Criminal Minds, Law and Order:  SVU and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

1. Criminal Minds:

While this critically-acclaimed series has garnered a heap of praise, it has also garnered a lot of attention because of its very realistic depiction of how criminals operate.  Unfortunately, that also means the show has a lot of adult relations and violence as part of its plot line; the adult relations and violence may not necessarily make it to air in all its graphic glory, but the implication of it, at the very least, causes strong reactions in adults.  Those reactions are only amplified with children because they can’t appropriately contextualize why these criminals are acting the way they do, and most adults adequately explain it, either.  For its graphic nature alone, Criminal Minds should be barred from the household television when children are around.

2. Law and Order: SVU:

Series star Mariska Hargitay has been lauded for her powerful portrayal of Detective Olivia Benson on this long running NBC drama; the show has also been praised for its dramatic storylines and realistic approach to both sides of a criminal prosecution, the investigation and the prosecution of the crime itself.  However, this is a show which regularly features plots involving a wide range of horrific sexual assaults and pedophilia, not the sort of wholesome fare you’d want to expose your children to at all.  There are also a number of episodes which feature authority figures as the wrongdoers, and that’s incredibly frightening for both adults and children.

3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

It’s no secret that CSI has dealt with some pretty heavy topics over its decade-long run.  Whether it’s Sara’s kidnapping and attempted murder, or Warrick’s homicide by his own sheriff, there has never been any shortage of grisly crimes that have been examined throughout the shows many storylines.  It is perhaps the CSI team’s dealings with dominatrix-turned-sex therapist Lady Heather which has caused the most controversy over the years, however.  A focus on adult relations deviance seems to show up whenever Lady Heather comes around. Because the show has dealt with a growing number of highly violent crimes, with some of these of a deviant nature, CSI certainly fills the bill as a crime show that is totally inappropriate for children.

Crime dramas have been dominating the airwaves for the better part of a decade.  While there’s no question that these are often well-acted, their suitability for children of any age is definitely questionable.

Eric Halberg is a part-time writer who enjoys blogging about a variety of TV shows, and as a parent likes to raise awareness of suitable/unsuitable shows. compares cable deals, click on the link for more information.

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  1. I concur on those choices. It took me about two years to be able to watch Law and Order without having crazy nightmares. I finally realized that Law and Order, Criminal Intent was not my cup of tea, SVU on the other hand, I did not have a problem with.

  2. Anything that has violence, blood and sexual scenes are not suitable for youth. If we can’t keep them avoid these kinds of series, it’s better to have parental guidance while watching them. Kids have wide imagination and it’s up to us parents to mold them and explain to them that these series are for television only in real life.

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