Keeping Up With The Housework

Keeping Up With the Housework

At the end of the day, the very last thing I want to do is laundry. Yet there it sits, watching me, judging me for turning on my favorite movie rather than tackling its endless pile of sweaty gym socks.

Are you a busy woman who would rather relax at the end of the day instead of do chores?  Maybe you have a few children who keep you busy or perhaps your career is more than enough to handle without adding extra people to the mix.  Whatever your personal situation may be, finding ways to manage your housework is incredibly important.

One of the simplest ways to tackle housework is to handle one problem at a time.  Flip on your favorite song and for four minutes, do a chore.  This could be switching a load of laundry, tackling a few dishes, or cleaning the toilets hastily.  At the end of the song, you might find that you’re in the cleaning mood and doing another chore isn’t too bad.  Or, perhaps you find that it’s time to take a quick break before turning on another song and handling another chore.

Another way to manage your household is to clean as you go.  This means wash dishes as you’re cooking instead of waiting until after the meal to handle them.  It means cleaning up spills as they occur, rather than finishing what you’re doing first.  If you clean as you go, rather than waiting until later, you’ll find that your house not only stays cleaner, but that you’re less stressed about having a huge pile of “must-do’s” at the end of the day.

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