Could You Live With This Cat?

I don’t own a cat, but from I hear from friends and other bloggers they can either be sweethearts or terrors.  One blogger I know lost a really sweet cat-he was just so calm and would let her do just about anything (as long as it did not include water).  He even drank out of a glass—that was the only thing that he was stubborn about—he had to drink out of a glass or would meow his head off!!  Well after he passed on, it took a while but my friend was finally convinced to adopt a cat from a woman who worked for a shelter.

At first this cat was sweet and gentle UNTIL SHE GOT ACCLIMATED to her new surroundings!!  Talk alpha, talk stubborn, talk she not only thinks but makes sure she is the boss!!   Now her first cat used to sleep when she did—but not this one.  If my friend is not in the living room by 6 pm watching TV—a keyboard is being walked on and/or insistent meowing is heard from the loving room.  9PM—she better be heading towards the bed ir things start flying off table tops.  Go to sleep?  Not until her Temptation treats are in plentiful supply.  Somewhere between 1:30 and 2:30 AM-it is time to get up—FOOD—and if my friend tries to roll over and ignore—well try imagining a cat doing a flying leap onto your stomach-or if you are on your side-pushing you so you are on your back so she can jump on your stomach. If that doesn’t work she tries to knock a picture off the wall which will get my friend up!  (This is only since her computer was placed on its side-because that was what was pushed over originally).  And to top it all off if my friend swats her or doesn’t move to get her food fast enough—the cat will gently bite her hand (not enough to break skin but enough to hurt) or hits her hand (claws retracted) to tell this human that she is being a bad human!!

All I can say is—this friend really loves cats (all animals really)-cause I don’t know if I would put up with all this.

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