After School Low-Fat Snacks for Kids

Wouldn’t your family have fun making this?  It would be great for an outdoor summer party!

As a mom, I want nothing more than to see my children grow up to lead healthy and happy lives.  For our family, one way I can help my children become healthy is to take care of their physical needs.  With obesity on the rise and constant commercials and marketing promotions for unhealthy snacks, having healthy, low-fat snacks for my children to eat after school is more important than ever.

Fruit is one of the easiest ways to provide your children with a filling, healthy snack.  Don’t get caught in the “apples and peanut butter” routine of fruit.  There are tons of different kinds of fruits available, so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new things with your kids.  One easy way to encourage your children to eat more fruit is to make their snacks fun!  Try getting a few bamboo skewers and layering fruit on them.  Easy fruit skewers include grapes, blueberries, strawberry slices, and sliced bananas.  If you live in an area where fruit is expensive now due to the winter cold, consider opting for dehydrated or freeze-dried fruits, which tend to be cheaper.

Some of our other favorite healthy, low-fat snacks are cucumber slices, raw carrots, and celery.  If your children don’t like raw vegetables, consider purchasing some frozen microwavable vegetable packs.  These are available at most grocery stores for around $1.50 each and can be shared between two kids.  Microwave the veggies for just a few minutes and your kids will have a hot snack of steamed, seasoned vegetables!  Many kids are scared of vegetables, especially raw vegetables, but the more you serve these snacks to your children, the more they’ll grow to love and enjoy the fresh and crisp taste!

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