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Mothers of infants are at exciting times in their lives. They are in the early mother and baby bonding stage, and are combining their nurturing and creative abilities into one to provide their child with love.  From engaging baby’s senses, to decorating the infant’s 
room, moms have their hands full.

When moms are on maternity leave the majority of their time is spent caring for baby, and when the child is down for a nap, the mother can unwind.  But moms can take advantage of the numerous online contests such as the one offered by 21st that allows them to combine their creativity with their love for their child.

21st Century Insurance is offering a $10,000 cash prize to the mom who can create an eye-catching baby on board sign.  People are all familiar with the yellow diamond-shaped sign displayed in the backs of cars that became a fad in the 80s, but this contest demands a creative renovation of this classic symbol.  Moms can showcase their gift for crafting by using materials from homemade fabrics, paint and canvas, woodwork, photography, sculpturing and Photoshop; really any elements that one can harness into their creative outlet is acceptable.

Finding inspiration

The point of this sign was to let motorists know they must drive with extra caution, as a baby is on board in the car near them.  The classic baby on board sign was first introduced in 1984 by Safety 1st Corporation and became insanely popular through the 80s. It inspired an entire slew of knock-off signs such as “Red Sox fan on board” or “fighter pilot on board”.

When approaching this 21st contest, moms could take popular things from today’s pop culture, and subtly implement their findings into the design while not losing focus of the sign’s main point.  For example, according to an article by Squidoo, the popular fads for 2013 include iPads, ‘The Walking Dead’ and mustaches.  It would really be something to see how moms could tastefully work zombie obsession into a sign that pleads others to respect their car with its baby passenger, but making the baby on board sign look like an iPad may be a creative measure that would win over the judges.

Child safety

Not only are moms encouraged to reach for pop culture in creating their signs; they must be practical at the same time.  What are some things associated with child car safety?  Baby car seats are not only vital to your child’s safety, they are required by law.  Finding the right car seat is of prime importance to ensuring your child will be protected in the terrible event you were to have a car accident.

Constructing a baby on board sign from the parts of an old or broken child car seat would be a creative and thoughtful use of materials, and it would convey an important message that displays cleverness.

Start planning

Make a blueprint for your baby on board sign and do some creative brainstorming. This is the perfect project for moms on maternity leave to engage in, and who knows, you just might win $10,000 for your little star.

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