Sponsored Video: Monkeys On The Loose

This video is great, you have to make sure and show it to your kids.  My son and I watched these monkeys scope out this neighborhood in search of the Samsung fridge and laughed so hard.

Luckily I don’t have to shop for refrigerators very often.  The last time I bought a fridge, I basically searched out a large black side by side with the right price tag, but after watching this video, I see that I need to spend more time researching before I go in and buy my next fridge.  Honestly, when I hear Samsung, I have never even thought about appliances, I have always thought about televisions and media equipment.  I’m glad that these monkeys were able to teach me a few things about refrigerators.  It looks like the Samsung Fridge offers a great sliding shelf and organization, which my fridge could definitely use.   This post has been sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts are our own. Talking about monkeys, my kids and I went to the grocery store one night and there was a high school aged boy with a small monkey riding on his shoulders that was trying to take his monkey inside the store with him.  The grocery store manager had stopped the boy at the door and was explaining to him that monkeys were not allowed in the grocery.   I guess the boy figured that if everyone could shop with their dogs in their buggies, why not take his monkey shopping too?   If monkeys love to raid refrigerators, what do you think they would do inside a grocery store?

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