Taking Toddlers on a Road Trip

Does the fear of tantrums and dirty diapers keep you from taking a road trip with your toddler?  It doesn’t have to!  Just because your child is young doesn’t mean that you can’t take a road trip with him.  In fact, many families travel on a regular basis with small toddlers. There are quite a few ways you can make your trip an enjoyable experience even with a toddler in tow.

Prepare as much as possible ahead of time for your trip. Pack easy-to-eat snacks, plenty of drinks and sippy cups full of water, and a handful of pacifiers if your child still uses his binky.  Don’t forget towels, wet wipes, and plenty of diapers. By keeping as many items on hand that you might need, you’ll minimize your need for stops.  Even a “quick” stop for food can turn into a lengthy ordeal if it means waking up a sleeping toddler on your trip.

Talk to your child about the trip as much as possible. Read stories about going on a trip, watch a movie together, or sing songs about the fun you’ll have together on the trip.  While your child may not
completely understand what’s going on, if you help him prepare mentally and emotionally ahead of time, he’ll be more likely to remember that you’re going on a trip to have fun at Grandma’s house and
not just trying to keep him as bored as possible.

Finally, remember to pack plenty of activities for your child to do in the car.  Many cars have built-in-DVD players, but books, rattles, and small toys go a long way in keeping toddlers entertained on a trip.
You can even wrap up some of his favorite toys in wrapping paper that he can unwrap on the trip.  If you want to surprise your child with something new he hasn’t seen before, pick up some small toys from
your local dollar store to give your toddler on the road.

Most of all, remember to stay patient. There may be times that your child becomes bored and cries and there may be a leaky diaper incident, but remember that everything is a learning experience and that
years from now, you’ll look back on the experience and laugh.

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