A Fun Valentine’s Day Activity for Kids

Do your kids love holidays, excitement, and celebrations?  This year, make Valentine’s Day even more special by throwing a personalized, special Valentine’s Day party!

Instead of inviting over loads of people, stressing about how clean your house is, or worrying about whether everyone will like your food dishes, consider throwing a family-only Valentine’s Day party that you can enjoy with your children and spouse.  Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that is meaningful to kids of all ages.  Whether your children are too small to write their names or old enough they’re worried about getting a card from that “special someone” they like, a Valentine’s Day party is something your children are sure to enjoy.

Surprise your kids when they come home from school with Valentine’s Day cards, heart shaped cookies or cakes, pink lemonade, and decorations!  You can get inexpensive streamers, plates, cups, and wall decor at your local dollar store or, if you want to have a bit more leeway with it, check out some Valentine’s Day ideas on Pinterest.  Your children will be thrilled when they walk in the front door and are surprised by their very own holiday party to share with you.

If your children enjoy crafts, have an area set up where they can make their own cards.  Include scissors, paper, glitter, glue, and plenty of lace.  If they aren’t the crafty type, make sure you have plenty of Valentine snacks for your kids, play some upbeat music, and have some games ready to enjoy with your children.  You don’t even have to have Valentine-centered games!  Pulling out some family board games is a great way to relax together and spend an afternoon while you celebrate your love as a family.

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