Valentine’s Day Kid “Recipes”

Don’t let your Valentine’s Day be simply about store-bought cards and candies.  Add a bit of creative flair to how you celebrate by doing some cooking with your children.  Kids of all ages can enjoy baking and cooking Valentine’s Day treats whether you decide to enjoy them yourselves or share with friends.

Here are some ways you can incorporate kid-friendly recipes into your Valentine’s Day cooking:
-Bake your child’s favorite cookies.  Help your child measure out the ingredients and add them to the bowl.  Consider giving your child a large wooden spoon and letting him help stir, too, although this may be too challenging for younger children.  Shape the cookies together into hearts.  If you’re making sugar cookies, use cookie cutters and make sure to let your child help you decorate them.

-Make your child’s favorite sandwich.  In fact, make five!  Use cookie cutters or a knife to shape each sandwich into a heart.  Make these for a small party or just as a special lunch to share with your child.  You can also shape cucumbers or cheese slices into hearts, as well.

-Ask your child what his favorite meal is and consider adding some red or pink food coloring to make the recipe Valentine-friendly.  If your child wants scrambled eggs or even cereal with milk in it, add a few drops of food coloring to brighten his morning!

Planning a creative, healthy, and enjoyable Valentine’s Day with your child doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating.  Remember, most of your favorite family recipes can be altered to be Valentine-friendly and, more importantly, kid-friendly, as well.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Kid “Recipes””

  1. We tend to do most of our baking at Christmas. I need to do a little bit of it at Valentine’s Day too. Thanks for the inspiration. I just hope I’m over this fu bug by then- blah!

  2. My son is a bit on the picky side, so I love using cookie cutters to make sandwiches more appealing to him. I also love cooking with my son. It does help him try new foods if he helps in making it. Well, sometimes. 🙂

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