We Are Houston Texans

Check out the header on my blog.  My family LOVES the Houston Texans and we even had playoff tickets this year.  The Texans were on such a roll, that my husband said we’d sell our playoff tickets and buy Super Bowl tickets instead. So….we sold our first set of playoff tickets and then…bam!  The Texans didn’t make it to their second play off game and our family missed out on all the play off fun!

Texans Make History?

The Houston Texans have gone through a lot since joining the league in 2002, but have persevered through every circumstance and situation they have been confronted with.  Their history is full of lots of stories that have led to them becoming the powerful franchise they now are.  They have become a team to be reckoned with, and a team nobody wishes to play against.

Early History

When the Texans came into the league in 2002, their first few seasons were a challenge, as they only won eighteen games over their first four years with Dom Capers as their coach. It was something you typically see with an expansion team, but the Texans were always a competitive team to play against.  Despite struggles with the team’s record, there were still positives with how certain players were developing into stars, in particular Andre Johnson.

The franchise’s fortunes changed when Gary Kubiak was hired at the start of the 2006 season.  Since Kubiak was hired, the Texans have been a much more competitive team.  Kubiak was able to improve the Texans record in his first two seasons, and again in his fourth season before they made the playoffs for the first time in his sixth season in 2011.  They were able to improve their record again in 2012, as they made it to the playoffs once again after winning their division for the second straight season.

Building a Contender

Strong draft choices over the years, along with a strong coaching staff have led the Texans to become the team they now are.  Some of these selections include current stars Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing, and J.J. Watt.  Not only has their drafting been effective, but they have made key moves in free agency and in trades that have bolstered their team.  The signings of Arian Foster and Jonathan Joseph, and trade for Matt Schaub are some of the key acquisitions that have made the Texans a contender along with their impressive drafting.

Super Bowl Run?

Clearly it didn’t work out for them this year thanks to a playoff loss in New England but there is no doubt that the Texans are in the top tier of the NFL.  With some off-season moves the Texans could make themselves even better and ideally get at least one step closer to the SuperBowl.  Locking up Houston Texans Playoff Tickets won’t be easy in the future, but at least we know this is a team we can count on to at least be playing in the playoffs for years to come!  Thank goodness my family was able to renew our season tickets!

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