92 Years Young and Still Doing Yoga


Can You Do This???

92 Years Young and Still Doing Yoga? I was talking to one of my friends about my weekly visits to the gym and she mentioned that her 92 year old mother was still doing Yoga! How in the world can that be?. Well it seems that this 92 year young woman has been exercising for years and it has kept her limber enough to keep on keeping on. Granted she now only does 1 day of regular Yoga and one day of “Senior Yoga” and manages to walk quite a bit as well.

According to my friend who does no exercise what so ever,  her mom is in better shape then she is!! So one could conclude that exercise is really important if you want to live an active life well into your 90’s!! Her Mom also swims when she is in Florida and in a pool when she is at home. Of course to keep her mind active, she stays busy with the crosswords from the newspaper. Mind exercises are just as important as physical exercise. Even if you have physical problems, there is always something you can do for exercise—whether you go to a gym, walk a couple of miles a day along your dog or one of your friends, swim or just do stretches at home-every little bit helps. I would suggest getting a trainer if you go to a gym to make sure you do not over do it and possibly make matters worse like my friend did. She ended up at Physical Therapy after joining a gym and over doing it on her own! So if you want to grow up to be just like my friend’s active 92 year old mom—Exercise, Exercise, Exercise both your body and your mind!!

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