Alphabet Art At The Rodeo

We just went to the rodeo this past weekend and had so much fun.  Everyone in our family has a favorite thing to do when we get there.  My kids love the carnival, my husband loves the rodeo and I love the indoor shopping.  There are tons of vendors there from different states that travel to the Houston Rodeo every year to show off their items and drive sales to their websites.   As a product reviewer, I enjoy hearing about their sites and learning about their products. I love looking through the items and revisiting the ones that I have shopped from in the past.  One of my favorite booths is the one that showcases alphabet art.  I have always loved the alphabet art that I have seen in young kids rooms, but now that my boys are older, they don’t care for that anymore.


Have you seen the pictures that spell out your last name, or even words such as love, faith or family?  Did you know that you some companies make it possible for you to design your own alphabet art?  Do you have any personalized artwork in your home?  I would much rather have a customized piece of artwork rather than a duplicated print that can be found in several stores.  My husband and I were shopping the other day in a rustic store and my husband found this cowboy print that he fell in love with.  We continued shopping and found 4 other copies of the same print on different walls of the store.  After seeing that, there is no telling how many copies of that same print are floating around out there.  When I buy a new picture for my home, I don’t want my friends to say that they saw the same one at…..  I want mine to be unique, so we decided to leave the cowboy print in the store with all it’s matching sisters and brothers.  What kind of artwork do you have in your home?


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