Bike Ride Anyone?

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How long has it been since you’ve been on a bicycle?  I used to ride bikes all the time, to the store and to school with my kids, but after knee surgery, I lost that privilege for a long time.  The weather is nice here in Texas and I have started riding my bike again for short periods.  The other day I went on a 25 minute ride with my youngest and when I got off, my legs were shaking and my walking felt unstable.  So, now I know that I need to keep riding my bike and get my muscles back to where they used to go when I was taking much longer bike rides.  Just remember, if you haven’t ridden your bike in awhile, you may be sore, especially from your bike seat, but hang in there, the soreness will fade away.  Bike riding is a great opportunity for family fun for all ages.

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