Cooking For One or Two

Most times people find themselves cooking for a family which can be difficult enough-but what do you do when you are cooking for two people or for just yourself. Most of the delicious recipes one sees all over the internet are geared to 4 or more servings and do not lend themselves to single serve portions. Granted, some of them can be made then the excess frozen to be eaten at another time. Really, how many times can you eat the same dish before you get bored and end up throwing it away.  Here are some suggestions for the 1 person or 2 person household.  Strangely enough, although it might seem that you are spending more money-in the long run you will not be. How much food have you ended up throwing away?


  1. Meat & Chicken, etc – buy in bulk and wrap each piece individually before freezing. If you look carefully you will find pre seasoned pork chops 2 to a pack which are individually sealed and can be used one at a time. Chicken breasts also come in individually sealed packages (within the larger package). Make your hamburgers into patties, some larger, some smaller and individually wrap before you freeze. Hey you never know if you will be in the mood for meatballs or just a hamburger (or maybe a mini meatloaf.) Feel like something more exotic-individual portions of Chicken Kiev or Chicken stuffed with Spinach are really delicious!
  2. Fresh Vegetables and Salad – This can get tricky. If you put the fresh veggies in a Tupperware type sealed plastic container they will last longer. Or you can buy the salads already made by the supermarket, just add your own salad dressing.
  3. Canned Goods-If you like variety buy the small cans of veggies, tomato sauce etc. Canned soup, though admittedly high in sodium are great in a pinch. They do sell low sodium varieties. Tuna canned in water is always good to have on hand-add them to cooked noodles with a little butter. Always try to buy the smaller cans!!
  4. Breads- Try buying rolls instead of loaves. They make a great sandwich and come in all varieties these days.
  5. There are lots of frozen dinners and pre made meals around as well which are also great in a pinch.
  6. Desserts are hard. If you can find individual size pies etc, or keep some ice cream in your freezer it will work.


Do you have any other suggestions for the 1 or 2 family household?  Please share them!!


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