Easter Celebration Ideas

Easter is a fun family-centered holiday that offers a great chance to spend some time with your kids and extended family members. Regardless of how big or small your family is, there are a number of things you can do together to celebrate this special holiday with your loved ones.


Egg hunt – Kids of all ages love Easter egg hunts, so don’t skip this part of your Easter celebration. Whether or not you tell your kids that the Easter bunny brings them presents, an Easter egg hunt offers a chance to run around, explore, and most of all, find candy! If the weather is bad consider having an indoor egg hunt. For an added twist, do the hunt in the evening in the dark and give each child a flashlight to find the eggs.

Egg-based snacks – Easter snacks and treats don’t have to be sugar filled or pastel. In fact, some of the best Easter snacks are healthy! If you love eggs, take the chance to make egg-based snacks for this Easter. Don’t be afraid to check out Pinterest or your favorite blogs for Easter recipes. Some egg ideas include breakfast casseroles, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, or even homemade egg muffins.

Egg decorations – Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without decorations. Have your kids color pictures to hang on the walls, get some streamers that feature eggs, or even get some egg shaped balloons to hang in your house. Remember to let your family be involved in hanging the decorations. Even if the outcome isn’t picture-perfect, the important thing is to have fun.

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