Review: Eco Friendly BagInspiration Bag

Review  By Diane

Who Knew A Purse Could Be So Inspiring?

Just this week, I got a delivery from the UPS guy that truly made my day. That dude in the brown uniform driving the brown truck brought me my new purse from BagInspiration that I am reviewing today!
I had the good fortune of being able to select which purse I wanted to review from BagInspiration’s site, which ended up being a much harder decision than I expected, seeing as how they have SO many great purses to choose from. I decided to go with the Eco Chic, Urban Junket Lauren Hobo bag in Chocolate. First, let me just say that I am partial to the color combo of Chocolate Brown and Spa Blue as it is, so I was a bit biased from the get-go when I saw that this purse came in those two colors. As for overall appearance, the bag is a perfect size for my on-the-go life, and it has a really cool adjustable shoulder strap with coordinating stripe. Plus, the shiny, smooth quality of the canvas looks great and is perfect for resisting dirt and stains.

As for the functionality of this purse, I’ve got one word to sum it up: Pockets! This bag has exactly the right amount of pockets for me. Not too few, to where my stuff swims helplessly on the bottom, and not too many, to where the pockets take up more space than my stuff does! There’s a great outer snap-front pocket where you could keep many items – I put my car keys in that one. Which reminds me… This handy bag also comes with a coordinating keychain that can snap into the inside lining! Then, there’s a slide-in pocket on the back side where I chose to keep my phone. In addition, there is a snap-shut side pocket, perfect for temporarily storing my receipts until I get home. Inside, there are four internal pockets, including a zippered one and a flapped one with Velcro closure. What I love about these pockets is that they’re all different sizes – there’s even one sized just right for keeping a pen, pencil, or pack of gum. Another big positive about this purse is that the top zips shut to secure my belongings. There’s nothing worse than your purse dumping out in the car when you take a sharp turn! I won’t have to worry about that and can take those corners without fear!

Now that I’ve raved about the aesthetic and functional appeal of my new Eco Chic purse, I have to address an even more important aspect of this bag, which happens to be true of all the products that BagInspiration sells: It is Eco-Friendly! Who knew that reusable bags could be so fashionable?  The outer canvas is coated with eco-friendly non-toxic dyes, and the inside lining is made from eighteen recycled plastic bottles. Also, there’s no lead, nickel, or cadmium in any of the metal hardware.

I am definitely a girl who loves her purses, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve got quite the collection of my faves. I’m excited to add the Urban Junket Lauren hobo bag to that collection! To quote the folks at BagInspiration, “Who knew eco friendly bags could be so hip?”    Be sure to check out their blog for eco friendly tips at

This bag was received in order for me to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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