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Are you a Shark Tank fan?  I have to say that my whole family loves Shark Tank, even the 6 year old.  My husband even says I should try to get on that show for my AdvertiseWithBloggers site, but I think I’d rather watch it from my living room rather than be on the show itself.  One night we were watching Shark Tank and I saw Eco Nuts for the first time.  I was really interested in the product and wrote the company name down so that I could learn more.  I dropped them a line, and here I am, reviewing their Eco Nuts on my mom blog.

Here’s a close up from the inside of the Eco Nuts box.  These “soap nuts” are dried fruit shells from the Himalayas off a Mukorossi tree.  These nuts are amazing – who would have thought I would have ever intentionally placed nuts in my washing machine.  Having  boys, there’s  no telling what you may find in your washer, but with Eco Nuts, I’m glad to be adding them to the washer myself.  They are kept in a bag with a tight drawstring and not once has the bag drawstring even came close to being loose enough for the nuts to fall out.  I tried to remember to grab the Eco Nuts bag from my wash before I placed my clothes in the dryer, but if I didn’t, so what?  The eco nuts will make it through the dryer too if you should forget to grab them in between loads.

My husband asks me to use fabric softener because he loves the smell that comes along with it.  I asked Eco Nuts about this and they said the nuts would take care of adding the softness to my clothing so fabric softener was not needed, but if I like the smell, then go ahead and use the softener too.  This was great, I could use the nuts in my laundry and my husband could still get the great smell that he likes on his clothing and towels.

Here’s a little info that I learned about Eco Nuts:

  • Biodegradeable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for sensitive skin, allergies, exzema & psoriasis
  • 100% Natural
  • Fragrance free
  • Nut Allergy Safe
  • Organic
  • I reviewed the Eco Nuts “soap nuts”, but their product is also available in liquid concentrate if you would rather go that route.

photo (85)

Here’s what the nuts look like after they’ve been through the washer about 8-10 times.  You can see they are wrinkled looking and now it’s time to grab 5 more eco nuts and start washing clothes again!  So much fun!  Face it, we could all use a little fun in the laundry room!  I want you to experience these nuts too.  Eco Nuts is giving away one medium box of Eco Nuts, which is the same size box that I used in facilitating my review.   This box will clean up to 100 loads of laundry and comes with 2 reusable wash bags.  Make sure to come back and retweet the giveaway for extra entries – good luck!!!


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38 thoughts on “Eco Nuts #Giveaway ENDED”

  1. I started using Eco Nuts because we are going to cloth diaper and I must say I am impressed with the results!

  2. I choose eco friendly, safe for our skin detergents. I hope I could find sales whenever I remember I need to stock up again lol

  3. I usually make my own because it is a lot cheaper. However, I have not found a formula that I truly like. I would love to try soap nuts!

  4. I just recently found out about these and would love to try them. I live in a valley that is all organic and it would be nice to be even more environmentally healthy then we already are. If I win these I will plant a nut tree and name it the eco nut.

  5. I try to keep away from dyes and fragrances because we have sensitive skin. But I do often wonder if All Free & Clear is healthy for my family?

  6. Usually I’ll go off sales if it’s a good brand. Otherwise, I’ll shoot for the lowest price, given it’s fair quality

  7. Brigid OHara Koshko

    The scent of the detergent is something I like but with kids in sports I look for detergents that work well on clay, dirt, grass etc.

  8. price and how well it works and I prefer it to be eco friendly thank you for the giveaway

  9. I base my laundry detergent purchases off what works for my cloth diapers/water. If it isn’t cloth diaper laundry I usually just get what I can get on sale.

  10. What influences me the most is brand and price. The brand that works the best for me is Tide, so I usually watch for sales and buy it then. But I will also buy other brands if I have a really good coupon. I would love to try Soap Nuts to compare and see if I’m ready to switch and use something that is all natural.

  11. Well i have to go by sales, but I’m always looking for a new, inexpensive product that works!

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