Gas Station Scare

gas station

Have you ever felt like you were in a dangerous situation and needed to get out of there?

The other day I was with the kids at a gas station filling up my van.  I heard that man yelling and he was very mad.  He was standing near a van and yelling about being able to see his daughter.  Apparently he was having a fight with his wife / girlfriend and she was not allowing him to see his daughter.  He was yelling foul words and I got inside the van and locked the doors while the gas was pumping.  I didn’t want to stare, but I felt as if I needed to know where he was and what he was doing.  My kids weren’t alarmed, but I was having bad thoughts about what may be coming next.  He jumped in his car and headed towards the van.  I just knew his girlfriend was going to be in there and that he was going to smash into the side of her, but that must of been his friend and I had heard him speaking to his girlfriend over the phone.  I hope for her sake that she was in a good hiding spot, because he was MAD and he was coming after her to take his daughter back.

I told my son that if something bad happened, that we were going to drive off.  That meant drive off with the gas still pumping and my son was worried that I would blow up the van.  I was in a good neighborhood, but what if that guy would have pulled out a gun?  If that happened, I would have driven away, gas still running and all!

What would you have done?  Have you ever been in a scary situation like this?

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