Giveaways: I WANT To Know!

Tell me, what is your favorite type of giveaway form?  I am partial to Rafflecopter because this was the first real giveaway form I used with my giveaways after using the old fashioned way of entering where you do it all through the comment section.

RCOr is your giveaway tool preference Giveaway Tools


Or are you still a fan of the good old fashioned giveaways where you use the comment section to record your entries?  I am very interested in hearing your opinion.  So which one is your favorite and why?


3 thoughts on “Giveaways: I WANT To Know!”

  1. Giveaway Tools for me! Loads quickly, love the instant confirms so you know you did the entry properly, seldom have issues w. it. I’m so over Rafflecofter and all its issues! Ack!

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