Dakota Loves Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food

Here’s a quick look at the products we received to review from Grandma Lucy’s.  The review pack included Natural Tiny Tidbits (snack size meatball treats for dogs), Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats made with 100% Human-quality ingredients for dogs, Freeze Dried Chicken Flavored Pet treats and many trial size Artisan and pure formance freeze dried packs of dog food.  All their products were made with all natural ingredients.

Here are the flavors of freeze dried dog food that was sent to us by Grandma Lucky’s for Dakota to try.  She ate all of them quickly and didn’t leave a drop in her dish.  This was a great review for Dakota since she is very picky and won’t eat the expensive treats that the vet always tries to give her.

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Ever used freeze dried dog food?  Here is what is looks like right out of the package.  This is the chicken flavor.  It is grain-free and contains chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery, blueberries, cranberries, apples and vitamins.  My 6 year old had so much fun preparing this food for Dakota.  You add a designated amount of warm water, stir and let sit for a few minutes and then serve.  This would be great to have when you are traveling with you dog and don’t have a lot of extra room to store dog food cans in your luggage.

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Here’s the Artisan Chicken Grain Free dog food when it is ready to be served.

The dog  treats were also great.  I placed a sample of each in front of its’ bag so you could see what each treat looked like.  See the teddy bear treats in the middle, they taste great!  Yes, that’s right, I tasted them myself,  how could I not?  They were apple flavored and my boys and I all tasted them.  In fact, I had to take them away from the 6 year old because he just kept eating them!  They looked like a teddy graham cracker, with a low sugar apple taste.  These very popular Organic Baked treats come in 7 flavors ~ Pumpkin, Blueberry, Ginger, Banana/Sweet Potato, Apple, Cinnamon &  Honey.  For more questions about their products, call 800-906-LUCY.

Here’s Dakota sampling the apple flavored oven baked dog treats….MMMMMMmmmmm – thank you Grandma Lucy!

Dakota was sent this great pack of dog food and treats to use in facilitating her review.  All opinions are 100% her own.

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  1. I tasted a dog cookie once as it had all good ingredients and smelled so yummy. It tasted like plastic. lol!
    Erin E
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  2. I ate one of the dogs cinnamon rolls from the bakery. They were made from human grade ingredients, and I had no idea that they were the dogs’. Not a sweet as I would like them, but they were good.

  3. I’ve tried homemade dog treats made with natural ingredients. It didn’t taste bad, just very underseasoned.

  4. Sure I have tried plenty of dog treats especially the ones I make at home for my dogs…….I would most certainly try dog food made from human grade ingredients if it was something I wanted to taste.

  5. when i was younger i used to sneak my dogs treats they were similar to milk bone but a mixture of shapes

  6. Yes I did as a dare growing up and as long as my dog likes it and is healthy I am good with the dog food

  7. I haven’t tried it, but I like knowing that my dog is eating human grade food.

  8. I’ve tried dog treats that looked like peanut butter cups and they tasted just like em. our dogs wouldn’t eat them if they were placed in from of them but as soon as they saw me eating them they wanted em.

  9. I’ve only tried the treats I’ve made. They weren’t to my taste but the dogs liked them.

  10. As a child in the UK there used to be a product called Choccy Drops for Dogs and yes I confess I did try them and they tasted great !!

  11. Funny that would be the question as my daughter just this evening licked the ice cream treat of the dog’s and did not like it.

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