Guest Post: Making Motherhood Easy with 5 Gadgets and Apps


I don’t know about you, but I depend heavily on my smart phone to get me through the day.  I received this guest post in my mail today and thought you could benefit from it, so enjoy!

As most new mothers learn pretty quickly, anything that will help make your life that little bit easier during those first few sleepless days (or years…) can be an absolute god-send.  Well, we live in the digital age so it would be rude not to reap the rewards of that by utilizing the technology that most of us have at our disposal.

Here are five top apps and gadgets you need in your life, whether you’re a new mom starting out or have a tireless toddler who needs to be kept busy.

Google Shopper

Parenthood is expensive, there’s no avoiding that. But there are some great ways you can help reduce your costs, especially around Christmas when your children will have their eye on the latest must-have toy.  Google shopper is a great little app that allows you to compare prices instantly.  Find the product you want, scan the barcode and Google shopper will bring you the price of the item online, as well as list nearby stockists and their prices.  Perfect for moms looking to make their money go further.

Two Way Radios

2-way radios (a.k.a. walkie -talkies) are superb when used as a long range baby listener.  The radios have a special “baby listener” mode allowing long range monitoring unlike the very limited range offered by “regular” baby monitor systems.  As your children get a little bit older they’ll obviously start roaming about a bit more and that can be great fun for both of you, but comes with obvious dangers.  A great way to ensure a family trip to the great outdoors doesn’t go wrong is by taking a set of two-way radios with you.  That way you can stay in touch, and even let your inner-child out by indulging yourself in a game of hide and seek with your young ones.

Baby ESP

Baby ESP is a great app that will help you keep track of all your baby’s firsts and indeed all their activities in one place and put them at your fingertips.  This app allows you to log and record things like nap times, bottle feed and nappy changes, while you can sync it with the app installed on the father’s phone, meaning neither of you will miss out if something memorable happens.

Keep it Clean Dummies

This neat little gadget may not change your life dramatically but it will certainly make it that little bit easier and will save you plenty of time.  These are regular dummies for your child with one added bonus – when they drop a shield automatically protects it from touching the floor, which means you don’t have to waste time making it sterile again; you can hand it straight back to where it came from.

Mom Maps

Most moms will know how hard it can be to keep your kids entertained for longer than about five minutes, especially during school holidays. That’s where Mom Maps comes in.  Updated by a community of mums, this app will show you all the great kid-friendly places near to your home that you never knew existed, and give you some great ideas of how you can spend your free time with your children.  To add to that, there is also a great blog built-in that is not only a great place to chat but gives you great advice of the best places to go.

Contributed by Charlie Curtis-Jones from – at home or enjoying a day out, walkie-talkie consumer radios are a great way to keep safe and keep in touch.

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  1. These apps really seems to be interesting. I have only used Google shopper and two way radios but will give a shot to remaining 3 apps too. Thanks for sharing.

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