Guest Post: Teens Need Recreation At Home

So, the kids are now at an age where sticky fingers are no longer an issue and they’ve become teenagers with habits that sometimes we’d much rather forget about and they need things to do with their friends.  Make your home the ‘in’ place to be with a games room to entertain the whole family.  Of course, the method in your madness is that you will still have your adult time and the teens can be teens in the comfort of their own home and the best part of all of this is, you can still keep one eye on what is going on.  Not only that, as a family, some recreational time will keep your ear to the ground with their likes and you can spend some quality time with your children as they develop into young adults.

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A game room is an excellent idea for all the family.  A pool table might not be the attractive, contemporary modern piece of art you were hoping to buy as the children stop bringing home abstract paintings from nursery for you to adorn your favorite wall with, but a pool table is the trump card for your teenagers to show off skills and their integrity at pool playing. They can show off to their friends and you can enjoy a knock around on the table yourself and have great family get together in a game room.

If pool is not your bag, then table tennis is another option.  Exercise, fun and a way to show your children you’re more than a demanding parent who wants them in the house no later than 11pm on a night out.  Air hockey tables are another alternative and this game is a great game of skill and requires tenacity and energy to play.  Your children will thank you for making an effort and you will be parents of the year.  There are few finer ways to appeal to teenagers than getting down and dirty with them and showing them they did not invent fun.

Family time dwindles as kids grow and precious time as a family becomes a rare event.  You might be grateful the bedtime stories have ceased and nappies no longer feature on your shopping list, but family time together as your children grow is valuable and goes a long way to ensuring well-grounded and leveled young people.  A game room will be a valuable addition to their memories of home life, and who doesn’t enjoy a good old game to show off long forgotten skills.  A game room will not only appeal to your teens, grown men love games too.  You’ll be doing the whole family a favor.

For my UK friends, pool tables can be found at, and as well as from other retail stores.  It’s a good decision to make and if space is not a problem, then you cannot go wrong in spending precious time with your growing family.  Ideal for a rainy Sunday afternoon’s entertainment.

Jamie Thompsons is a freelance writer and blogger, whose favorite subjects include his family and how he keeps them entertained!  This blog post was submitted by Jamie after a recent pool table purchase for his own family.

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