Inexpensive Hobbies for YOU

As a busy wife and mother, sometimes finding the time to just relax, calm down, and unwind can be a challenge.  One way that many women choose to unwind is to find an inexpensive hobby.  Finding a hobby doesn’t have to be nerdy or something you throw a lot of money into.  Sure, things like coin collecting and stamp collecting can get pricey, but there are many ways you can spend time doing something you enjoy without overwhelming yourself, your spouse, or your budget.

blogwithmom woods I like to take a walk through the woods.  It lets you “forget” where you are for a little while.

Crocheting, knitting, and embroidery are all very traditional hobbies that you may find relax you.  Sometimes just having something to do with your hands while you watch a favorite television show, movie, or chat with friends is enough to help you calm down and unwind from your day.  These activities are all very inexpensive both to get started with and to continue doing.

Another option for a hobby is to start taking walks or hikes.  For the price of a decent pair of shoes, you can explore local hiking trails or just walk around your neighborhood.  Some women find that reading is also a fantastic and inexpensive hobby, especially if you join a book swap or explore your local library.  Additionally, reading is something you can do on-the-go, so you could even hike to a relaxing spot and then spend a few hours immersed in a fantastic mystery novel or curl up with your favorite mom blog- that’s what I like to do.

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