Motivational Activities For Kids

Does your child have a special activity they participate in once a week?  My oldest son plays basketball and participates in select tournaments and my youngest takes horse back riding lessons once a week.  I had a horse as a child and know that there is a lot involved in owning a horse, so horse riding lessons are perfect for us.  This way Bobby can experience horse back riding without his parents – my husband and I – having to take care of his horse every day.

photo (89)

He rides an older horse named Hershey and looks forward to his weekly lesson.  This lesson helps me persuade him to do his homework throughout the week.  If he decides that he’d rather not do his homework one night, I tell him that if his homework isn’t done, that he will have to miss his lesson with Hershey.  After this reminder, he doesn’t have a problem doing his homework because he does not want to miss his weekly time with Hershey.

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Travis is our oldest, he loves basketball and the same rules apply.  If he falls behind on homework or his grades slip, he has to take a break from basketball and so far, so good!  He knows he must study and do his homework when he isn’t at basketball practice because he doesn’t want to miss any practices or tournaments because he allowed himself to get behind.

Do your kids have a special activity that they participate in during the week that motivates them to stay on track with their school work?

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