My Dyson Is Dead

Bobbie's Dyson

Today was trash day.  Unfortunately, it was also the day for my Dyson 14 animal vac to be kicked to the curb with the rest of our garbage.  This vacuum slowly started to go downhill with loss of suction followed by a horrible loud motor noise that just became unbearable to deal with.  I have to say that I have had my purple Dyson for over 5 years.  I went to look at the newest purple Animal Vac and noticed that it is a 41 and I have been using version 14.  Hopefully there have been many useful upgrades from 14 to 41.

Bye Dyson 14, sorry I had to get a replacement for you, but you were just too loud for me to handle using any longer.  I hope your new owner, that fished you out of my trash can, is able to tolerate your unbearable noise and unpredictable behavior…….LOL


3 thoughts on “My Dyson Is Dead”

  1. OMG I would be so sad too 🙁 I have to commend you for having it for 5 years though! I don’t think I’ve had one that long before! 🙂

    1. I thought a Dyson was forever, it should be since I paid SO much! But you’re right, 5 years was a good haul for that with 2 kids and a dog to keep it at work.

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