Time To Replace Your Pool Toys

The warm weather is setting in and it’s time to replace all our favorite pool toys that didn’t make it through last year’s swim season.  Each year we need more diving toys and noodles, but this year we need replacement parts for our poolside basketball goal.

photo (71)


I was able to track it down online and ordered new parts today.  The best thing about this is that the replacement parts only cost me $15.00 which is a LOT cheaper than buying a new poolside basketball goal.  The next thing on my list is to get two new basketballs for the pool.  Do you see our dog Dakota in the picture above?  She LOVES the pool balls too much and each year she nicely waits until the end of swim season before she pops them!  The boys make sure not to leave them on the pool deck, but she waits until the balls drift over to the side of the pool and then she leans in and grabs them with her teeth and pulls them out of the pool.  Funny thing, she doesn’t mess with my blow up raft, she just goes for the pool noodles and especially the floating pool toys such as the skate boards that the kids love to ride.

Now Dakota loves to terrorize our pool toys, but she hates the water!  She stays away from the pool when people are going in because she is afraid someone is going to push her in.  We have put her in the pool several times in order to teach her how to get out if she were to fall in and she didn’t like it, not even in the 100+ degree Texas heat.  Pool safety is very important, for both your family and your pets.  It is never a good idea to allow anyone to swim alone, no matter how old they may be.  Make sure everyone in the family receives a few years of swimming lessons and even encourage that your neighbor’s kids do the same.

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