Rodeo Day At School

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Today was rodeo day at school for Bobby.  He was so excited, he dressed up like a cowboy with his hat, cowboy shirt, jeans and his cowboy boots.  His class is making chili this afternoon and he is so excited.  Last weekend we made chili at the house for him since he had never tried it before and after a few attempts and LOTS of crackers, he has decided that he likes it.  His friends at school are worried about eating beans in the chili and asked Bobby what the chili beans tasted like.  He told them that he doesn’t know because when you eat them in chili, they just don’t have a taste.

Have you eaten chili lately?  So  many people have different variations on their chili meals.  When I was a kid, we ate it with spaghetti noodles in it.  My husband always ate it with peanut butter sandwiches which you dip in it before you add the crackers.  How about you, how do you eat your chili?



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