Spring Break Has Officially Started

Today was the first day of Spring Break and the kids went fishing in the creek behind the house.  I told them it was too cold to catch fish, but they proved me wrong.


 Bobby is the one who found the “winning fishing hole.”


Travis is going to give his fish a little kiss.

I”m glad I was wrong about the kids being able to catch fish.  They had a great time and took a lot of pictures of each other with their catches.  They used hot dogs to catch these fish and plan on saving the worms for the rest of the week.  How long has it been since you’ve went fishing with your family?

3 thoughts on “Spring Break Has Officially Started”

  1. Bobbie, your boys are adorable!!!!! They look like they’re having so much fun, glad you got to enjoy with them too. They’ll have to give me some pointers when I go fishing for the first time. LOL 24 and I’ve never been fishing..it’s a tragedy really but I am making it my goal to go this summer especially since I live in FL now!

  2. Well this isn’t about potty training, but I was changing my sons diaper and he was lying on the changing table right in front of me. I was reaching for a new diaper(that was in the plastic heat sealed packages) When he started to pee and the poor little guy peed in his EAR!

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