The Croods: New Style of Animated Tale

Think Ice Age meets Brave.  I think that’s where the Croods is going.  In all honesty, after a sneak peak of the posters, character teasers and trailer, I’m really looking forward to it.  The Croods is a family-friendly DreamWorks animation featuring the first family in the world and their exploration outside of their cave into a world full of unknown creatures and landscapes.

For years the Croods family has been protected by its underground cave, prevented from leaving by Grug.  Have you ever pictured Nicolas Cage as an overprotective caveman father? Me neither, but all that’s about to change.

A New Twist On Previous Stories

The Croods tells a unique story, not only because the stereotypical parent-child relationship isn’t the highlight of the movie – Finding Nemo, Brave and The Incredibles to name a few – but also because the traditional villain is missing from the movie.  Instead, the family are handed constant challenges by the environment around them.  After years of hiding from the real world, this family is facing things they’ve never seen before, from sabre-tooth tigers to fireworks.

Although at first glance the Croods might seem like the same old story from DreamWorks, I think you’ll find much more below the surface if you give it a chance to shine.  After all, the film has been co-written by Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, just a couple of the names behind hit movies such as Lilo & Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon.

In less than three minutes, we’ve established the family dynamic, learned that the family have never left the cave, seen the outside world for the first time and even had a glimpse of some of the adventures the Croods embark on.

The teaser trailer is just right, it doesn’t highlight all the best parts of the movie before you’ve stepped foot inside the cinema, but it has enough content to pique your interest.

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