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Flush Away Your Potty Training Woes With ToddleGreen Disposable Potty Liners!

I’ll never forget when I potty trained my son and bought a potty chair for the first time. For those of you with boys, you feel my pain when I say that teaching a little guy to use the potty is a dirty business for those learning to “aim” and “keep it all in the potty!”  Back then, it was a yucky task to have to clean that little plastic throne on a constant basis, especially when taking it on the road.  Now the dreaded potty training days can be a little less messy thanks to flushable potty liners from ToddleGreen. These innovative liners fit perfectly over the removable bowl of any potty chair and provide a protective barrier so waste can be easily removed with the liner and flushed. ToddleGreen Flushable Potty Liners are so strong that they can keep liquid and solid waste from dirtying the potty chair, but soluble enough to break down in your regular toilet’s water.


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Another big plus with the ToddleGreen liners is that they are eco-friendly, water-soluble, non-toxic, and free of BPA, Phthalates, and PVC.  Unlike plastic, which can take 500 to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills, ToddleGreen Flushable Potty Liners will biodegrade and break down in water.

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56 thoughts on “#Win ToddleGreen Flushable Potty Liners & $25 Amazon Gift Card ENDED”

  1. Elizabeth Wisniewski

    My oldest had just finally gotten fully trained on using the potty, but still sometimes all of the sudden would realize he had to go really bad right away. We were at a huge park the farthest possible place from the bathroom and he had one of those moments. He started screaming the pee is starting I can’t wait! So my husband had him stand in front of a line of bushes and flowers and he went. Now we always have him at least try to go before we walk away from any bathroom area.

  2. My son took my daughters barbie doll and put it in the potty then he proceeded to use the potty.

  3. During the night my DD removed where stinky diaper and climbed back into bed. It was a horrible mess in the morning

  4. OK here goes – my daughter was so proud of her accomplishment – she just had to bring the potty out to show all!
    Thank you.

  5. LOL , my best was I had all boys and I told them to go and do what their daddy did and they did including peeing on trees out in our back yard,thankfully we live on acreage..

  6. We have not started yet, but we are going to be doing it soon with my first! Wish us luck!

  7. Recently helped potty train my grandson and every time he would say his poops looked like crescent moons!

  8. I don’t remember anything funny happening while potty training my older. Can’t wait to start potty training my youngest and see what it brings.

  9. My funniest/most maddening experiences would have to be trying to convince my kids to use public bathrooms, they did not like them and were always afraid of falling in.

  10. With our son….when we started training him to go pee he wanted to do it standing up..(like daddy) and of course one time he was in such a rush that he completely missed the bowl and was going over shooting and hitting everything else..lol..but at least he gave it his best shot..

  11. My daughter is potty training right now. She pooped on the potty for the first time ever last week, which was great we made a big deal out of it. About 10 min later while I was doing dishes, she comes to me and said she pooped on the floor. I guess she wasn’t done from earlier, she did poop on the potty, but then she tried to dump it into the regular size potty and it missed, fell right on the floor. I told her she did good, just needs to work on that aim.

  12. We live in the country so we let my son pee outside …. lets just say when we were in the city at a friends house that didn’t go over so well. LOL!

  13. Danielle Davis/Grady

    My son peed in the bathtub bc he thought it was a big toilet! 🙂
    Thank you!

  14. Having my son take me around to various containers around the house and say, “poop in der” – only to discover that there really was poop in der!

  15. it wasn’t funny at the time, but my son tried giving himself a golden shower once when he managed to get the potty cup out of the seat by himself….ugh!

  16. Nature called apparently for a babysitter in the kitchen. She didn’t know why my son was crying until she stepped in a pile of poop….oops!

  17. When I was a nanny, I was potty training a little boy. Well, he missed the potty and started peeing on the wall! It was horrible then, but years later it is hilarious.

  18. When we were showing our house, my daughter had to use the potty seat before we left and I took it out and sat it in the sink for a second because I had to grab something quick & I forget to empty it so the people came to look at the house and found a surprise in the sink, I was so embarrassed.

  19. My funniest experience, which is straight out of a sitcom, would have be the time when I was babysitting my nephew while my sister and brother-in-law were remodeling their home – they had a new toilet in the hallway outside the bathroom, waiting to be installed, and my nephew took the initiative of going to the potty by himself – in the uninstalled toilet!

  20. My daughter is not quite ready for potty training yet but I am sure we will have some great stories later!

  21. Both horrible and humorous at the same time, the weekend we started hard-core potty-training, both of my twins got the stomach flu. Oh it was a terrible weekend

  22. Jennifer Johansen

    I’ve had *memorable* experiences, but I really wouldn’t call any of them funny. 😛

  23. Listening to my sister train my nephew. I was attempting to sleep downstairs and all I heard all morning from every room in the house – “where are we now, where do we go now, what do we do now, here is your treat”. I swear it went on for hours, but it worked in one day!

  24. My daughter’s potty has sensors so it will applaud whenever she uses it. The only way I can get her to stay on the potty is if I give her something to read (she’s 14 months). So I’m sitting on the toilet & she is facing me, reading her book. When the sensors went off she lowered her book & screamed “Woo woo!”. She’s too cute!

  25. When we were moving and looking at houses, my one daughter was starting to potty train. Every single house we went to see, she had to test out the bathroom. It was crazy!!

  26. After struggling for days to get my son to “sit” on the potty-chair; one day while bathing him, he had to use the toilet, so I picked him up out of the tub and just stood him over the big toilet (as he was all wet and I didn’t want him to slip and fall) and much to my amazement, he was thrilled with “standing up” over the toilet (instead of sitting down), and “Wa-La”, he was now toilet trained!! 🙂

  27. both kids went from zero to hero within one week – I learned that they will tell you when they are ready, not when you want them to be
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  28. Most memorable, but the scariest, is taking off my son’s pamper in a hurry only to discover he had a hernia…. so scary!!!

  29. Getting peed on! 🙂 my daughter is only 5 months old so we haven’t potty trained yet, but we’ve gotten peed and pooped on while changing diapers

  30. We don’t have any stories yet, we are starting potty training our son in a few months so I’m sure we’ll have plenty in the future 🙂

  31. Asking my son if he’s ready to potty, taking the diaper off (too soon) and he smiled and said “Mommy Pee!!!” and pee’d all over the carpet!!! He was so proud of peeing!!! I just laughed!!

  32. My mom telling me about my own. That I wouldnt go to the bathroom unless they werent listening to me or watching lol.

  33. Actually just the other night. My daughter came in to sleep with us, and she was sleeping on my chest. And had an accident right on me. I was soaking wet, I can’t believe a toddler can produce so much liquid LOL

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