Top 10 Reasons For Women To Lose Weight

  1. You will feel better about yourself.
  2. You want to wear those great clothes in your closet that you haven’t been able to wear in a long time
  3. You need to get healthy for your family
  4. Your undergarments are too tight
  5. You will need to wear a bathing suit this summer
  6. You will want to wear shorts this summer
  7. You will want to wear tank tops this summer
  8. Your clothes are too tight
  9. Larger sized clothing isn’t always as cute as clothing that comes in smaller sizes
  10. You need to be smaller in size than your aggravating neighbor or friend who always shows off their nice figure

These are my reasons.  I thought if I wrote them down, the would motivate me to stay off all the chocolate!  What are your reasons?

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