Top 5 Reasons Texas Is This Year’s Spring Break Destination

If you have kids, Spring Break is probably something they can’t wait to happen. So, you should try and make it as memorable as possible for them. Take a look at these five things that make Texas a prime Spring Break destination this year.

Spend Some Time on the Galveston Beaches

Galveston Beaches

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Many of the Galveston Beaches have been refurbished since Hurricane Ike, making it a beautiful and relaxing place to go on Spring Break. One of the best beaches is the stretch along the Sea Wall — it is now bigger and better than ever. Two other great beaches to visit in Galveston are Stewart Beach and Poretto Beach. Families can spend all day in the sun enjoying the comfortable 80-85 degree weather.

Visit the Texas Alamo

Remember the Alamo

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For 13 days, a band of Texans held out against the centralist army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna of Mexico in a place that is now remembered as the Alamo. It is an old mission on a 4.2 acre complex that people can tour. It is a popular Spring Break destination for families because of the learning experiences offered there.

Have Fun at the Fiesta Texas Six Flags

The Boomerang at Six Flags

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Amusement parks are always a fun place to spend Spring Break. You can watch shows, ride rollercoasters, and eat great food with the family. The Fiesta Texas Six Flags has a good mix of water rides and rollercoasters to keep you cool and having fun. You can easily spend an entire day or two there. Of course, the Sea World amusement park isn’t far away in San Antonio. There is also the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park in Dallas.

See Animals at the Dallas Aquarium and Dallas Zoo

Dallas Aquarium

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Kids love to look at animals, which is why a trip to the Dallas Aquarium or Dallas Zoo is a fun place to go on your Spring Break. At the Dallas Zoo, you can feed giraffes, enjoy wild adventures, and even lunch with the lions. There is also an African animal exhibit and so much more. The Dallas World Aquarium is just as much fun. The Mundo Maya exhibits exotic birds from South American, and other exhibits include South Africa and Borneo. Of course, sea creatures are a big hit, too.

Watch One of the Professional Sports Teams in Texas

Dallas Stars

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There are some pretty major professional sports teams in Texas, such as the Houston Dynamos, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars. You can watch any one of these teams in action on your vacation. Buy Dallas Stars tickets early to make sure you have a chance to see this NHL team dominate the ice in Dallas.

Whether you want to have fun on the beach, go to an amusement park, or watch some sporting events, Texas has it all. Choose Texas for your Spring Break destination for a memorable experience your family will be talking about for years.

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