We Found The Skinny Pop

My family reviewed Skinny Pop Popcorn and we became addicted.  The review came along with a HUGE box of Skinny Pop, so I haven’t ran out of popcorn yet, but we are down to the last few bags.  I have been talking to my son about how we need to find this popcorn in the store before we run out.  We had checked the Skinny Pop store locator but we wanted to find it in a store where we normally did our grocery shopping.  My son and I went to the store this weekend and he was so excited to find this:

photo (86)


Here he is in HEB standing by the Skinny Pop.  He found it before me since we had split up in the store to make our shopping go faster.  He was very proud of himself for tracking it down before we ran out of popcorn at the house.  Have you seen Skinny Pop in your grocery?

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