Will You Meet The Tax Deadline

What did you do all weekend?  Did you enjoy the weather and spend time with your family or friends, OR did you fight your tax papers like I did?

photo (68)

Here’s one of my piles of papers that I had to organize for taxes.

My husband took the kids to play basketball and to the park to fish while I worked on getting everything together and that was a BIG help, but I am still not done!  Every year at this time, I could just beat myself for waiting to do this until now instead of doing this on a monthly basis.   Once I can get this organized, I am going to start on this year’s taxes and see if I can keep myself up to date, but of course I say this every year.  This should be my New Year’s Resolution.  How about you, do you keep your paperwork up to date throughout the year or do you do everything at once right before the tax deadline like me?


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