Always Watch Serving Sizes

It is time for me to start watching what I put in my mouth again.  Time for me to eat wisely and read the nutrition labels on everything.  I have let myself  “fall” in terms of healthy eating and exercise and have finally decided to steer myself in the healthy direction again.

I went to the grocery for all my healthy, diet food and hit the protein bar section.  I bought tons of bars, different flavors and different brands so I could try them all and find my favorites.  I found one that tasted great, had low calories, was filling and made me even think about the next time I could eat another.  This thick, oatmeal bar was so good, that I decided I’d go back to the store and buy tons of them in all the flavors.   In the meantime, I had one for breakfast two days in a row…..MMmmmm.  On day two, I read the nutritional contents again, only to find out that the bar that was so great and filled me up so well, contained 2 servings!!!!  What a let down!  I was so excited about eating so few calories and getting such a reward — I should have known it was too good to be true!

Why do companies do this?  Just think of Poptarts, the normal packages that are bought by the box at the grocery,comes with two pastries and the serving size is only 1 pastry.  How many adults do you know that will carry around a baggie to place their extra pastry in until they are ready for their second serving?

photo (100)

Here was this morning’s breakfast, and yes, I checked the serving size and it was one serving per bottle:)

So, remember…..ALWAYS check the serving sizes, when watching what you eat!

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