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Solicitors come through our neighborhood, some respectful and some not.  I appreciate the ones who roll up their papers and stick them inside my door handle or hang them with a bag or paper hanger.  I know that going door to door is hard work, but I do NOT appreciate the ones who tape their fliers to my door, the painted trim or my door handle.

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This is what happened to my door knob after the last Realtor taped her business card and her contact info to my door handle.  I would have rather washed a smudge off the glass on my door or my side window than to find this on my door.  Odds are, she hired these flyers placed, but if this is the case, she needs to teach her help to be respectful of people’s home when placing her fliers.  I wrote her a friendly email the night I found this, but no reply from her.   If I decide to sell my home do you really think she is going to get my business like this?

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  1. I think that her not replying could inadvertently cost the entire realty a sale. What a shame she didn’t have the courtesy to at least apologize, if not offer to replace the damage. Common courtesy, I would think. Sorry about your handle.

  2. I am a Realtor and am horrified for you! I would never go door to door let alone TAPE something to someones house!!! I am so sorry!!!!

    1. Thank you Mary, we have several Realtors that do this, but they always roll up their flyers and place inside the door handle, never tape them to any hardware.

  3. This reminds me, I totally need to get a no soliciting sign. I think she could have at least apologized on behalf of the person who taped the fliers.

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