Cat Leaves Vomit Trail On Carpet

My friend Michele keeps an immaculate house and yesterday, her cat got very sick while she was away.  She left the cat alone in the house, roaming free and the cat must have eaten something that she shouldn’t have.  When Michele got back home, she found her dining room with trails off cat vomit all over her almost white carpet…..oooops!  She borrowed the neighbor’s carpet cleaner, but the stains had set all day.  Since her carpet was so light in color, she was not able to “hide” the trails of vomit that her cat had left for her.  She was VERY upset and had to call in an area rug cleaning company.  They were able to get over to her house pretty quickly and now she has her white carpet back.

kids minnows


Here are my boys, catching more minnows to bring in the house….LOL

I know she loves the light carpets, but I want to stick to dark tan for my home.  Light colored carpets just wouldn’t make it at my house.  I try to get everyone to remove their shoes as they enter, but sometimes for my boys, a newly found lizard or need for grabbing their minnow net is more important that removing their shoes.  Michele was lucky that her carpet could be cleaned so quickly.  It would be a good idea for all of us to have a great area rug cleaning company number on hand, you never know when you may need it.



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