Crawfish Anyone?



This weekend, we had so much fun!  Check out my plate of Crawfish Etouffee from lunch.



Here’s the rest of the crew.  My husband and Travis each had a plate of crawfish, shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage.  Bobby, the 6 year old played it safe with a bowl of macaroni and cheese.  We used to live in Louisiana, where we were first introduced to crawfish.  Now living in Texas, there are various restaurants that carry crawfish during season.  You can even buy them steamed right out in front of the grocery.

Would you like to share the crawfish meals or the macaroni and cheese?


2 thoughts on “Crawfish Anyone?”

  1. I think I will go with the macaroni and cheese!! Although I love seafood (lobster, shrimp etc)-for some reason crawfish —well—

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