Inexpensive Ways to Create a Child’s Themed Room


Your child’s bedroom is a true reflection of their personality, but affording everything they want isn’t always possible on a strict budget.  Instead of breaking the bank, purchasing brand-new items for your son or daughter’s room, why not try some simple DIY tricks to turn their space into some amazing?  You may be surprised by your skills as an interior decorator and the kids may be surprised by how little you spent to make their room so awesome.

A Little Princess

Little girls often dream of a princess’s paradise, complete with shades of pink, gold crowns, and a canopy bed.  This popular room design tends to be expensive, when you overspend on branded items, instead of doing the work yourself.  This may seem impossible, especially if you’re not a carpenter, but it’s not.  There are some simple an easy solutions.

First, you’ll want to hang a canopy above your daughter’s bed.  You may not be able to afford the hardwood to create a four-poster bed complete with canopy and you don’t have to.  Instead, you can fake a canopy.  You don’t have to build or buy an entirely new bed to get this fantastical look.  Simply hang pink curtains from the ceiling, employing the use of an L-shaped drapery rod. A dd some tulle to really pile on the drama.

Use stencils to paint details on her wall.  You can write her name in pink and paint crowns and gemstones around it.  You can frame photographs or drawings of her favorite princesses around her walls, creating a mini art gallery for her.

Outer Space

Your son may be obsessed with the cosmos, but this look isn’t cheap.  In fact, it may be cheaper to purchase an actual star than decorate his room in the theme of our solar system, using only store-bought items.  Luckily, you’re employing DIY tricks to save big on this room theme. Your kid can have the universe and more, when you choose to create this look yourself.

First you’ll want to hang some dark blue curtains. You can make the curtains yourself or pick some up at a local bedding & bath store.  Single panel curtains aren’t that expensive, so you may actually save money when you purchase them from a store.  The time it takes to sew and the cost of the fabric may equal the cost of simply purchasing them.

Paint the walls and ceiling a dark blue shade to simulate the darkness of the universe and the night sky.  On the walls, you can paint on yellow stars and use stencils to paint planets and other galactic things, once the original paint has dried.  Use glow in the dark paint to create stars and planets along the ceiling.

Using a very strong cord, you’ll want to hang models of the planets around your kid’s room.  Allow your kid to help you decorate these planets, in order to make him feel more involved.  You can Papier-mâché the planets or use simple poster board.  Make sure to hang them in the correct order, as they appear from the sun.

White and blue blanket and sheet sets should suffice for bedding, but if you’re feeling really creative, why not sew some stars and space shuttles onto his bedding?  This final touch is exactly what a galactic bedroom needs.

Final Touches

These themed-rooms are all about the details.  You’ll want to add color coordinating accent pieces, like pencil holders and framed photos, in order to tie the theme all together.  Make sure to paint all organizers and furniture to match the theme.  Outside of paint, you really won’t be spending much on these rooms, especially if you employ these DIY tips.

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