Check out these labels, aren’t they cool?  They are personalized water bottle labels from  Everything was customized on them, even the nutrition facts!


When I was asked to review a few of their products, it took me awhile to make my selections because I had so many great ideas while I was looking through all the available designs.   I chose the labels above because my husband’s truck is “jacked up” and the kids love to ride in his “tall truck.”  One of their favorite songs to sing is  “Ridin High” by the Jawja Boyz so I thought these would be perfect for them!  Once I sent my order in, a proof was sent over for me to check before my order was printed out.  The proofs looked great, but once I saw the colors I had selected for the round labels, I decided to change my order.  I wrote them a quick note and soon they sent me over a new round label to check out and the colors they selected for my customized labels were perfect!


I was so excited about the water bottle labels, that I began sticking them to all different types of bottles from our fridge.  I designed water bottle labels that were perfect for the whole family, but I’d like to design personalized labels for everyone the next time I order.  I want to order basketball labels for my 12 year old for him to use at his basketball tournaments and I’d like football labels for my 6 year old.   I’d like something fun for my husband and  some that said for me.  My husband even thought it would be a great idea to have some that said “Everyone Loves It When Grandma and Grandpa Come To Texas.”  Wouldn’t that be fun for them to grab a water from the fridge and find that the next time they visit?


As for the Hershey Kisses labels, I have so many ideas for these:

  • Labels to update your business cards
  • Labels to mark your phone/game charger cords
  • These labels fit flat suckers, Hershey Kisses, Mini Reeses, Peppermint Patties, Rolos and on the tops of bottled drinks
  • These are also great for labeling your child’s items at school, such as notebooks, personal books from home, insides of lunch boxes, and lunch items


The custom candy bar wrappers are great to personalize a special occasion such as a birthday party, business promotion, Halloween party, Graduation, Wedding, etc.  These labels were fun to make and even more fun to give at your function.  My 6 year old’s birthday is in June, and he loves football, so I designed football candy bar wrapper s that will be perfect for his party. These wrappers come with colored foil and candy bar wrapping instructions.  This way you can purchase your candy bars and either leave the original foil or swap it out with colored foil to match your party decor.  This is definitely a site that I will add to my bookmarks.  The experience has been nothing but enjoyable, thank you


 This is brought to you by and  I was given this label bundle in order to facilitate my review and all opinions are my own.

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