Dakota Wears A Toughhound Dog Collar

dakota blanket

 This is Dakota with her favorite blanket and stuffed fish.

Dakota’s is wearing a  Toughhound personalized collar which is available for purchase at the dog bark collar store.  The ordering process for her collar was very simple.  I was able to choose the size,  color and font that I wanted for her collar, as well as the exact text to be lazer etched on the collar plate.  I ordered the midnight black 3/4 X 18 dog collar with the Kristen font which says:

Dakota Munsey
Contact My Family
XXX-XXX-XXXX (phone number)
collar 1
In order to get the correct collar size for her, I measured her current collar  from the MIDDLE of the buckle to the current tab/hole that we were using to clasp the collar.  Her new Toughhound collar fit perfectly and is much better than I had expected.  The collar is very durable and well made.  Her name plate stands out and is very easy to read.  If we were to loose this collar, I would definitely return to this store to purchase another one.
collar 2

A few months ago Dakota got out of our back gate and went around the neighborhood on her own.  Someone in our neighborhood called the pound and Dakota was picked up.  She is microchipped, but when the dog catcher ran a scan on her, the microchip company’s website was down, so the dog catcher took her straight to the pound.  I never worried about keeping a collar on her since she was microchipped, but who would have thought that the one time she would get picked up by a dog catcher, that the micro chip website would be down!  So, with no collar to identify her and no access to the micro chip website, Dakota spent the afternoon and night at the dog shelter before I could track her down.  I was at the pound the next day when the doors opened, paid $75 to get Dakota released and was on my way back home.  This has definitely taught me a HUGE lesson – KEEP A COLLAR ON YOUR PETS!!!!  If Dakota would have had a collar, the neighbor could have called me instead of the pound or the dog catcher could have called me when the micro chip site wasn’t working.

My kids are torn apart in that short amount of time that Dakota was gone, and I hated that I had to pay the pound $75 , but it definitely worth it to be able to bring Dakota back home again.  If you pet doesn’t have a collar, make sure you check into finding one for them.  Not just a collar, but a personalized collar where can leave detailed information for someone that finds them should they decide to head off on their own one day.

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  1. tough as nails and attractive too! we LOVE our Toughhound personalized collar! my cooper is 11 months old and a bit of a handful….now i don’t worry about him getting lost if he runs and i don’t have to worry about his breaking the collar while on leash!

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