Do You Make Lists & Forget Them At Home?

Does this sound anything like you?grocery-list

I Make Lists—Do You?

It seems I am always making lists, lists of things I need at various stores—lots of good it does me.  Are you like me? I make a list, stick it on the refrigerator door then totally forget to take the darn list with me when I go shopping.  As a result I forget to get a whole bunch of items I need until I come home and see that list staring at me as I open the refrigerator door to put everything away.  Oh well, throw away that list and start another one beginning with the items I forgot to get this trip.  Now this is not supposed to happen, I am a Virgo-we are supposed to be good at these kinds of things—but happen it does—all the time.  Now I can manage to keep everything else on tract and in order—I work, have kids, a husband and manage their lives just fine! So why can’t I remember to stick the lists in my pocketbook instead of on the refrigerator. I think I will blame it on overload!

The same overload that has me clipping coupons and leaving them on the refrigerator along with the list!  If I know I have a coupon for an item that I need and I happen to see it in the store but stand there visualizing that coupon not in my pocketbook-I have a major decision to make.  Do I just buy the item or do I wait.  Nine times out of ten I will just buy it even though it about kills me. I hate paying full price if I don’t have to.

So—do you have this type of trouble with lists and coupons?  How do you handle it?  I have started using my cell phone to take notes and make lists.  I know I don’t dare go anywhere without my cell phone, so this way, I will always have my list right at my fingertips, unless my cell phone battery should die….

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